Testimonial from Mary Spackman (Denver, CO):
The Patient Advocacy Training that I attended at Rose Medical Center was full of wonderful information. It helped me to become informed on how to partner with the medical field if and when I will someday need their assistance. In experiences with my grandparents visits to doctors’ offices and hospitals, I never thought about how I could partner with the medical field; I simply listened to what they said with a great deal of skepticism. Now I know the importance of building a working relationship with doctors and becoming an active part in my health care. I learned how to track my own medical experiences in a special medical journal and I learned the importance of having real conversations with my doctor to provide the best outcome for myself and for the doctor. Being well informed is the key. This class truly taught me wonderful tools and I am glad I took it now while I am healthy. I feel more prepared for the unknown that could send me on my way to the doctor’s office.


Testimonial from Denny McGihon, PhD (Denver, CO):
Since taking the Patient Advocacy Training course I have had more occasions that I would have liked to use it with my family. Contrary to what I first though about being an advocate ( I thought of it as being a lawyer) is has led to my seeing that advocacy as creating a team to work together for the patient. I am more understanding and patient with the problems the staff sometimes have in delivering services and when the services are inadequate not afraid to speak up but always careful to be respectful. It has been an enormous help. I highly recommend it to others.


Testimonial from Lisa Martin, Sr. Director, Human Resources at Hilltop Community Resources, Inc.:
Hilltop Community Resources in Grand Junction CO invited Patty Skolnik and her colleague Linda Sample to Grand Junction to share her story and offer her expertise to our employees.  Her incredible and touching story and lessons learned from her experience were a powerful, poignant and lasting lesson for the employees and family members who attended.  More than simply hearing important information, participants, sometimes for the first time, understood the importance of taking charge of your health care decisions and having a voice able to speak for you if you can’t.   While Hilltop takes great pride in offering benefits intended to help employees, the value of the tools we provide and the importance of the message to ask questions and take charge of your health care have never been so powerfully delivered as through Patty’s presentation.  She truly impacted lives through her moving video, the way she is present and open with others, and the courage she shares and encourages in others.  This presentation is life changing and a must see for anyone who may interface with the health care system and providers at any stage of life.


Testimonial from Chris Valentine, Centura South State Director of Public Relations and Sue Bond, Centura South State Senior Quality Consultant:
Penrose St. Francis Health Services welcomed Patty Skolnik and Linda Sample who hosted a community education seminar on August 29, 2015. The title of the seminar was “Finding Your Way Through a Safe Healthcare Journey.”  This event was attended by approximately 50 members of the Colorado Springs community and a handful of nurses, chaplains and volunteers from Penrose-St. Francis.  The feedback provided on their post event survey, as well as comments shared personally with hospital leaders, were 100% positive.  Participants mentioned over and over how much they appreciated that Penrose St. Francis would host such an event regarding transparency and advocacy. Participants were also very impressed with Patty’s courage in telling her son’s story as well as the expertise that both Patty and Linda shared with the audience about healthcare policies and patients’ rights. We have already had many requests to bring Patty and Linda back for another seminar.