Citizens for Patient Safety trains individuals how to act as Patient Advocates / Coaches – for themselves and for their friends and family. This training is offered through hospitals, ambulatory settings, employers, insurers and civic organizations. This workshop includes tools and resources to navigate the healthcare system.

Why is this workshop important?

  • Patient safety is a public health crisis
  • Patients, families and trusted others must be part of the health delivery system
  • An informed consumer can help improve patient safety and change outcomes
  • All must be educated and informed, and understand the importance of patient and provider communication
  • Feel confident about participating in your own healthcare or speaking up for another

Workshop Title

“Taking a Safe Healthcare Journey: How to be Part of Your Healthcare Team”

Workshop Objectives

  • Learn what patient safety is and why it is important
  • Understand patient advocacy / coaching
  • Understand documents (e.g. Care Plans, Informed Consent, Advanced Care Planning)
  • Know how to choose a doctor and hospital
  • Know how to partner with the healthcare team
  • Understand what Shared Decision-Making and patient centeredness are
  • Understand medical errors
  • Learn how to navigate the healthcare system
  • Know how to use a Patient Medical Journal
  • Q&A throughout the workshop

For more information, please use the “Contact Us” form or call Patty: (303) 619-1476 or Linda: (303) 335-8862.