If you or a loved one has ever found yourself entangled in the health care system, you are well aware of the ever-growing mountain of information to keep track of. Now you can store it all in one place by using The Patient Medical Journal, an easy to use binder that allows you to track all of your health-related history, information and important documentation. Get organized and become your own best health care advocate!

journalThe Patient Medical Journal:

  • Is a simple and well organized format for you, or your advocate, to enter valuable information about your care.
  • Take the journal with you on follow-up visits with all doctors and health care providers, and especially if you are admitted to the hospital.
  • Provides charts to record patient characteristics, health history, contact information, authorization and release forms, daily care and medications. Entries in the journal are self-explanatory. You are the only one who can authorize access to this critical information.
  • Will bolster your confidence in participating actively in your care!

You can preview the table of contents of this journal by clicking HERE (pdf).

The Patient Medical Journal is available as a PDF, please contact us using the Contact Us page with your interest and we will email you a copy.