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Our Mission: To increase engagement between patients/families and providers for better healthcare outcomes.

The Promise: Patty and David Skolnik promised their son Michael to leave the medical profession better than he found it.  CPS is that promise in action.

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Patty Skolnik appears on syndicated TV program
"The Doctors"

On Wednesday, January 23rd, Patty Skolnik was among other panelist on The Doctors, a nationally syndicated TV program about health and issues involving all areas of the medical field. The episode, which was titled "Could Your Hospital Be Killing You?", examined the safety issues many are faced with when being hospitalized and how to avoid becoming victim to careless doctors and poorly run hospitals. Among other topics, the show featured two segments that highlighted Citizens for Patient Safety and how the Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act came to exist. The Act requires all Colorado physicians who submit an application for an initial license, license reinstatement, reactivation, or renewal, on or after January 1, 2008 to disclose specific information that can be accessed by the public. To learn more about the Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act, click HERE. You can view the video segments from Patty's appearance on The Doctors in the following two videos:

 SEGMENT 1: How Michael Skolnik's tragic healthcare journey led to the work of CPS.

SEGMENT 2: How CPS is educating consumers and pressing for transparency in healthcare.

Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) PSA about Physician Lookup in Colorado
The Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act

The Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act 
The Act requires physicians and many state-licensed health professionals to complete online professional profiles.   The intent was to provide Colorado consumers with access to these profiles, enabling them to make informed healthcare decisions. 

Initial passage in 2007 applied only to physicians.  Expansion in 2010 included 22 additional license types. The final expansion is underway currently in the Colorado Legislature (as of April, 2013) to include profiling requirements for all state licensed health professionals.

Learn more about the Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act 

Doctor Lookup in Colorado
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